Bikini Wrap

Anyone can agree that the bikini wrap may be just as sexy as the bikini that it covers. Beach walks may have seemed to become better as bikini-clad strollers would sexily play around with the wraps around their bodies, and the gentle breeze helps a lot by flapping them throughout. These beachwear accesories are common in tropical beaches, but it has also been rising in popularity in west coast beaches.

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The bikini

Swimming and other water activities have for so long been favorite human activities. However, the common swimming attire that you commonly see today was not that common in the past centuries. As human society began relaxing its norms on exposing skin, designers had began experimenting on swimming attires that exposes much skin and in turn, allows more free movement in the water. In 1947, French designers Louis Reard and Jacques Heim introduced the world’s first “bikini.” Modeled by Micheline Bernardini, the “explosive” swimwear quickly gained the attention of the world and in no time, these sexy pieces became the most common and most popular beach and swimming resorts garment across the world.

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The two-piece offers minimum coverage to the delicate areas of the body. It enables the wearer to move comfortably both in and out of the water. The attire has many sexy designs, effectively making it a fashionable and practical beach garment. During the recent years, accessories had been used by wearers to further augment the beauty that the attire can bring. Swimsuits also come in many variants, such as the tankini, the string beachwear, the skirtini, and the thong. No matter what variant of swimwear you are wearing, more often than not you would need to have a fabric to partially cover your barely clothed body, which adds to the “mystery,” making you look even sexier.

Different wraps

These wraps can be worn before hitting the waters, such as when strolling the beach, or eating in the various restaurants at the beach resorts. They can also be worn after going to the water, for some can also serve the purpose of a towel. Usually, these fabrics cover only the bottom part, while dress wraps cover the whole body. The “sarong” is a very common piece in tropical beach resorts, and they can be worn only at the bottom or they can be worn by the whole body. Most of these covers are made of mesh-like materials, to enable the body to feel the sea breeze and to breathe comfortably. They also come in many colorful designs, often times matching the swimwear itself.

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